All That Makes A Difference............. Poem by Green Peace

All That Makes A Difference.............

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Different roads, different countries
Different cultures, different customs
Different rites, different rituals
Different lingua franca, different food
Different marriages, different celebrations
Different colour, different caste
Different knowledge, different psyche
Different religion, different Gods
Different beliefs, different dogmas
Of the Same Humans across the globe
Which one's right?
Which is perfect?
Is there anything absolute?
Who rules the roost?
Who drives whose destiny?
Like the ever changing blue waters of the rivers
And melting into nothingness the rainbow
Life is transient every spur
Not a homogeneous solid mass
But semi liquid, dismembering and moulding new shapes every time
Who will attain salvation?
From this gobbledygook, muddling, bewitching conundrums of life.

Bob Blackwell 07 December 2008

But surely life is now and only now.

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Dr Kamran Haider 09 December 2008

A very thoughtful and insightful poem.... Many things separate us, still we are alike... The enigma of life, which human form has been trying to crack; still the secret code of life is hard to crack... We look at the superficialities and ignore our inner self... The peace evolves from white, resides in green and ends in white too… Beautiful thought and very well executed write by you… Thanks for sharing this lovely piece… Regards, Kamran

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Neha Aradhye 09 December 2008

Indeed there are DIFFERENT things around! ! ! which one's perfect, which one's right? ? i loved it

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Ashraful Musaddeq 04 May 2009

A marvelous poem...

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Blue Eyes 27 December 2008

i love the questions u r asking in this poem.i mean really why people r so different? i guess this question will remain not answered convincingly.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 12 December 2008

oh! superb wide range observation and superb composition! Nothing absolute. Our 'good' and 'bad' is relative. 10+++++

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 December 2008

This is great philosophy. One great philosopher from Greece by name Hiraclitus said 'you can not bath in the same river twice' highlighting the evancescing nature of the world. His words very much influence later philosophers like Plato and Aristotle.......u are on their line..10

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Min Sia 09 December 2008

Differences..which one's perfect, which one's is right.... Indeed..this poem..revealing..simple matters but world's greatest foundations. Great poem..A masterpiece!

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