Autumn, The Season Of A Cozy Sphere.... Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Autumn, The Season Of A Cozy Sphere....

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Autumn, The Season Of A Cozy Sphere
A Sonnet

Autumn, the season of a cozy sphere
no love in life unless you want it self
to have it, take care of it, so much risk
but what is life without true love for us?
true love with all its seriousness closest
summerheat is almost over, so sad
sour rotten trees in sight, leaves are flying
dark clouds of ill autumn are threatening
why ill, baby, if we have true love now?
life means nothing without true love for us
love we invited to live in our hearts
we take the risk we'll care for this true love
true love is oft a blessing from the Lord
it cures illness, brings cozy sphere and warmth

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
Monday 5 Oct 2020

Kumarmani Mahakul 06 October 2020

Let love for nature grow. Season of cozy sphere has come as the season of Autumn. Everywhere we see clear view and white cotton crescent clouds float. You have nicely observed Autumn and its beauty. Crystal clear emotion is expressed with perception of beauty. This poem is excellently penned....full 5 stars.

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M Asim Nehal 06 October 2020

Yes love is residing in all of us but we do not explore it to the fullest, we give preferences to hate, jealousy, enmity, supremacy, ego etc over it. Spring and nature invites us to spread love all over. A love flowing body shines like moon and stars. A wonderful poem, Sylvia Madam, nothing less than 100****

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