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It was an empty sort of day -
one of those that merely fill the gap
between Christmas and New Year.
The air hummed with the sounds of suburbia.
A train rumbled by.
A dog barked
and the tiny bundle
in the sling at my breast

I set off with a light heart
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Duncan Wyllie 20 January 2009

The old pine forest, where cubbies grew and secrets were confessed, Miss Wood must have long since gone to God and taken with her her love of Latin and Jacquie Halpern, my best friend killed in a car accident at sixteen. I could easily have cried at this part Alison You write so naturally Take care and thankyou for this fine piece Love duncan X

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Ridge Cahill 14 January 2009

Sweet, warm and gripping...a walk down nonstatic’s rose strewn path (with a thorn or two) could not have been more eloquently done, Allie. I read it three times before I wrote this, O’ how wonderful this is!

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Meggie Gultiano 14 January 2009

another wonderful write, Ali.As always, i enjoy reading your works.A lovely write.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 12 January 2009

This 'My fair Lady's' mindscapes as same as the landscpes are great.Well done Alison.

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Mike Finley 12 January 2009

Lovely, Allison- thank you

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Indira Renganathan 06 September 2009

Childhood memories with a dash of somberness well said....thank you

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Graham Russell 12 August 2009

Young Dylan was still asleep when I returned. I must offer to babysit again the wonder of children and what they bring to us... you opened my eyes to so many things. gra

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Tim Woodhouse 03 July 2009

Beautiful, powerful, sad - many thanks, Alison, both for this and your kind comment about one of my offerings. I will read more of your work. Tim

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Stephen Stirk 10 March 2009

In this poem, the imagery is fantastic. As I live in 'Blighty', I have no experience of what you describe, yet I feel it through your descriptive words. Your poem is a story and poem all in one. Sorry to review so many of your poems. I seem to get stuck in a groove. I don't mark, but this would be 10 and three quarters. Steve

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Diana Van Den Berg 24 February 2009

Dazed, and still wrapped up in your childhood...

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