Lines Written In The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Lines Written In The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

Rating: 3.2

[Given to Frank Bidart]

You won't become a gourmet* cook
By studying our Fannie's book--
Her thoughts on Food & Keeping House
Are scarcely those of Lévi-Strauss.
Nevertheless, you'll find, Frank dear,
The basic elements** are here.
And if a problem should arise:
The Soufflé fall before your eyes,
Or strange things happen to the Rice
--You know I love to give advice.

Christmas, 1971

* Forbidden word
** Forbidden phrase

P.S. Fannie should not be underrated;
She has become sophisticated.
She's picked up many gourmet* tricks
Since the edition of '96.

Khairul Ahsan 05 October 2020

'- You know I love to give advice.' - Loved to see the poem end on a lighter note. Congratulations on your poem's selection as the 'Modern Poem of the Day'!

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 October 2020

'I love to give advice'! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Woderful poem, deserves top rating

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Deluke Muwanigwa 05 October 2020

Lovely poem. Forbidden words? I can never understand why any word is forbidden. Where then is the " Freedom" and the right to offend, then make amends.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 05 October 2021

I am so happy this poem of the late great Poetess is chosen again as The Modern Poem Of The Day. Dear Elizabeth does not need any star anymore, but I regrad this as the most deserving choice by PH

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 05 October 2021

A lovely poem imbued with wit and humor. Very entertaining.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 October 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to the family of the late great poetess. The most magnificent choice of Poem Hunter and Team to choose this humorous and entertaining poem as The Modern Ooem Of The Day Absolute 5 stars and to MyPoemList. Thank you so much dear Poem Hunter and Team.

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Mahtab Bangalee 05 October 2020

Cookbook to arrange good food buy and follow the advice of cooks and listen the tale of folks!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 October 2020

Or strange things happen to the Rice - You know I love to give advice......... adorable concluding. Beautiful poem.

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