The Great Valuable Gift On Christmas Day Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

The Great Valuable Gift On Christmas Day

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“Wow! It’s Christmas, happiness coming
Now for the gift welcoming loving
Then to the church to bow before God
And to the market to buy me a gift
I have the fifty cents all for myself”
Fanny jumped happily, she ran out to shop.

Dancing and skipping she went on her way
Across holy Churches,
Across lit up houses
Across snow laden parks and snowy canals
Gardening, sweating
She had made her money.

“I want a present,
A present I want,
I had a hard time to earn these
Christmas is the best time to forget it all”
She cried out with joy,
To the man in the shop

Beautiful pastries and plum cakes a fresh
Packed up in boxes
She left from the shop
But lo! At the end of the street, she did see
A young dainty lady, holding her child
Sobbing away at the plight so sad

Tired she looked, unhappy too
For her baby was sick and hungry too
Fanny stood still and thought for a while
Then the gift to the child, she smilingly gave
The two of them,
Very grateful now, went on their way to their cold little home

Blessed is the child,
Who gift from the heart
Rest she will ever in the arm of her Lord.

December 2007

(I wrote this for the Christmas celebration December 2007 in my school. And I presented it there)

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

samar Halabi 22 January 2009

well done girl.......

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isatou Juwara 26 January 2009

you are great.keep up the good work

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Junior Pocoloco 31 January 2009

Your heart is dancing all through this poem. Your music comes from heaven. Keep your light on. Very nice

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 17 February 2009

That was avery fine contribution to the spirit and meaning of Christmas and a great message for your fewllow students. I enjoyed, Loyd

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Boris Barron 02 January 2009

Great poem even better for your age!

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Pandian Angelina 11 July 2009

You could enact your play, elaborate and make it into a Musical Ballet - A Christmas Play. Wonderful flow of words so dramatic and full of energy. Try it this year for christmas. Angel

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premji premji 27 June 2009

Blessed is the child, Who gift from the heart Rest your words ever in the hearts of readers........10

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Eithne Queen of Celts 29 May 2009

Dear Aiswarya, Your poem impressed me more than i can say. God says that it is far better to give than to receive, you depicted that so well in your wonderful poem. I am happy that in today's world there still are talented children who have a pure loving soul as well as a good English! Keep up the good work!

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Chandra Marathe 13 March 2009

How nice. Wonderful indeed!

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Madeline Berry 25 February 2009

Lots of thought and detail. You captured the christmas spirit haha and i am saying this in february.

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