Back To Oblivion Poem by Ranjit Ravindran

Back To Oblivion

Rating: 5.0

A sweet lady, tough and fearless,
Narrating stories that carries great lesson;
Always keeping track of my happiness,
My grandmother is indeed a grand old woman.

Rising seven children with brilliance,
Herding twelve grandchildren like a Goddess;
Rejoicing at our collective achievements,
She led a life commanding happiness.

And then struck that sinister disease,
Confining her to the bed forever quiet;
Hunger, thirst and all survival necessities,
Deserted her during that ultimate fight.

Battling challenges that life did pose,
Into the heavenly abode she did rose.

17 DEC, 2021 Hrs

Indira Renganathan 26 December 2009

Death is ofcourse a natural process that we are all to is just that great life lived the way by a human...your grand-mother was an exemplary one to leave behind tha values of herself and the joint-family concept...lovely poem

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Diane Violet 22 December 2009

forever quiet never silent, not with I'm sure the many people she touched in her life...a wise grand lady indeed.

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Indira Babbellapati 17 December 2009

sure, she found her peace there too!

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Nalini Hebbar 17 December 2009

so sad...but i think the positives stay with you...forever

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 17 December 2009

thanks...this poem brought back memories of my grand mother and mother too..their concept on life was very was very natural

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