** Back To The Future ** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

** Back To The Future **

Rating: 4.1

The year is 2285
Everyone is getting high
It’s all about high profile
To live is to die
No more prison and trial
A free world to compile
All your sins will fly

The judgment is yours to consider
Money for nothing to ponder
Distance yourself further
No retreat and no surrender
The going will get wilder
The tough will get weaker
The ozone layer became thinner

The icebergs had landed
Low lying lands became embedded
Like thrusting a knife that is jagged
Seems like most parts are flooded
Highlands are barricaded
Population intakes are limited
To survive is to be restricted

Who’s the poor and who’s the richest?
It’s a taboo to say and yet superstitious
To be in power would be the strongest
Sharing your power could be the longest
To live that long is tremendous
And the poor would become notorious
To be left out as the monotonous

Global warming has taken its toll
It’s not like walking in the park to stroll
The heat could penetrate even your soul
No more south and north pole
Your best next home is in the hole

Noyal Jacob 10 March 2017

this poem is a bit bent, i dont really enjoy it m8, its sucks arse

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Doha Ewiess 19 July 2009

the title is an attention graber...here in Egypt a very famous writer called Annis Mansour wrote some famous amazing novels having the same idea but it was more closer to science fiction...i advice you to search for his writings and read some he is a famous writer and really his writings are awesome and i am sure you will find them translated -this is my opinion- your poem is wonderfull full of imaginations! ! great one :)

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Obed Souza 15 July 2009

Nice doing! Again an excellent text that can be used in schools. Excellent piece! 10!

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Allen Ginsberg 26 April 2017

this def cant be used schools

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Pogchamp 22 January 2021

Aweasome now to translate this into occitan for my final

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Zairren Lorane 03 October 2020

It’s my inspiration while making some poem. It’s kinda hard to see like this poems nowadays.

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David Beckwith 27 March 2019

I think the future is bright. What a dismal outlook, I'm so sorry for you. Scientists who disagree with you never have their grants renewed. That's the influence of government money.

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vanap niaj 14 July 2018

good work, it was indeed a good poem

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The one and only... 05 May 2018

Thx, I used this 4 a project. Amazing work

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Pogchamp 22 January 2021

same bro same

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