** Heroin ** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

** Heroin **

Rating: 4.0

The brazen winds
Swipe across the sea of mint
Opening the bizarre night of sin
Leaving no hint
To inject a hallmark of link
Deep into the vein
Germinating heroin
In reign
Watery mouth drippin’
Downs the chin
Eyes closing in
The curtain of silver screen
Rushes of adrenalin
Parting your brain
In between
This is not the scene
You want it to be seen
It’s a hell of ruin
Once get hooked, your life is grinned
You’ll never win

I want to dedicate this piece to one of our member,
Mr. Jon London. He have had experienced
the journey of highways to hell.

Best Wishes.
Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Kale Beaudry 19 November 2008

I thought this was very well written up until the last three lines... if you had kept to the poetic illusionist description (like the first three lines) this would've been perfect. If you had used beautiful words to describe the phrase of getting hooked and never winning, it would've been a subtle yet present allusion to how NOT beautiful heroin is. To me, poem was great, but the last three lines broke the mood.

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Jaelynn Schmitz 23 November 2008

I really enjoy this one. It's strong and stable.

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Sarah Sisson 09 December 2008

wow....that is intense.....!

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Stephanie Byrne Byrne 16 December 2008

Wow! ! Thats pretty immense!

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Clark Dark 17 December 2008

Sulaiman, it is both a loving and considerate thing to offer a friend a poem towards their healing and perhaps, understanding. You this and THEN SOME! I look forward to reading some of your other works...

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Patrick A. Martin 17 August 2009

To many of our young people are dieing we write about the evils of war. Afganistan is a bloodbath but still the poppies grow and our children die. what price the piper.

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Obed Souza 15 July 2009

Good theme to be discussed with young people at schools. Easy to understand and the idea well conveyed.

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Subroto Chatterjee 13 June 2009

'....Once get hooked, your life is grinned...' Grinned? ? Hardly. But your message is clear enough. Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Subroto

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Kyle Carson 14 May 2009

Wow amazing job! I really enjoyed this one! Your an amazing poet! I love it! ! ! !

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 17 February 2009

This formulkated derivitive of the poppy-opium seed, was a popular mind-distorter for the great Edgar Allan Poe...tho' in the early 1800's...it was taken-in as pure opium....mind-altering, and murderous.Between that, and a host of other vices, the Prince of Macabre died before his 40th Birthday....and here we are almost 200 years later...and so many still don't get the picture....I had a friend who was a Heroin addict for years...long deceased due to a drug-related incident. He loved to write...had much talent...claimed he wrote best while he was tripping...I told him i'd rather not know how to read or write at all, than to have to inject poison into my veins, to write noteworthy prose, or poetry.Well Done, Sulaiman...as usual! F j R 2009

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