Barriers And Barricades! Poem by kafil uddin raihan.

Barriers And Barricades!

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Is it possible?
We all have forgotten our all identity,
The only identity stands is the human,
There is no land, no border,
No religious distance, no races,
What if we all were only man?

Is it possible?
We need no passport or visa,
We are traveling all around the world,
No immigration, no customs,
No cultural variation or discrimination,
What if we all were only man?

May be one day it will,
We would be able to stand as one,
We would dissolves all barriers,
But the barricades in the walk of life,
That create complexities among us,
How can we cross that barricade?
How can we change these hearts,
Those have known the variations,
Have been self centered inside us,
How can we overcome these barricades?
What if we all were only man?

Carol Gall 16 August 2009

a wish and a dream of many perhaps one day but maybe not for many things to pass

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Surya . 16 August 2009

great poem. faith will keep the idea going strong.thanx for sharing voted10 surya

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Beauty Philosophy 16 August 2009

A good poem and intelligent questions to ask. This is an appeal to Humans' PEACE; If each man succeeds to defeat the evil inherent in him and finds his inner peace, then outer PEACE will reign, hence we can dissolve all differences of all kinds. Read mine 'inner outer peace', it echoes yours. Thought- provoking poem.

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Frank Lambert 16 August 2009

Hi Kafil, You are asking all of the right questions. Alas, I don't have the answers for you. And I'm not sure the barriers will come down in my lifetime, at least, not this life.

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Lynn Glover 16 August 2009

it would be great if all men lived on an equal basis and could, as you dream in your poem go any where without barriers. We could visit places we only get to dream about now. Maybe.............someday. Thanks for the invite to a very well structured poem. I enjoyed the read. Lynn

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Matt Mooney 18 August 2009

What a great idea! No passport needed--just a member of the human race! But the other side of the coin is we would need to lower the barriers between peoples first of course there is the problem of terrorism and crime so we must keep up the borders, barricades and barriers. Even if continents could get to the stage that customes and passports would be unnecessary eg within Europe there is a certain amount of leeway already. The fall of the Berlin wall should have been a blueprint for the rest of the world. East can meet west. Good poem.

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Travis Johnson 17 August 2009

yo very nice. makes people think if it can happen.

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Kumud Biswas 17 August 2009

A very good poem. But my friend it has been an impossible dream through history. Many great men tried but failed because after all it seems that we are not human beings but beasts.

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Joseph Poewhit 17 August 2009

Fences are the invention of man.

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Mubeen Sadhika 17 August 2009

Nice idea. Beautifully conceived.

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