Baseball: That 'Ol Dh Debate Poem by Cretan Maineiac

Baseball: That 'Ol Dh Debate

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'It's absurd to expect the fans to pay good money &
watch a guy who can't generate an average in three
figures, ' say some, while balancing a bullpen

deep w/ a bench full of old guys who can man a
stick, fit
guys w/ football-addled shoulders who

bloop singles and slice doubles &
run the bases, or a
big, 'ol homerun guy, a DH who can

come in, bop one or walk & preserve the
Rally, then
put on a glove and maybe bat again.

DHs all over the bench, good-hit/no-
field or
move-'em-up/good-field. Or,

maybe, something so simple as a
who can hit? But the

roster's not long enough & the player's association has no
use for
two-dimensional players who can generate an average in three figures,

fill the scorecard w/ able hands, &
please the patrons in the stands.

Ted Sheridan 15 September 2007

Barry Bonds will make a perfect DH for the Yankees.

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I prefer reading this piece to watching the game... :) t x

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Lee Degnan 05 September 2007

I'm all for preserving my pitchers too, not risking them getting hurt on the field... but I hate to say it, it's exciting to see a pitcher actually hit a ball, and awesome to see it leave the park... and hate to say it even more (and God, do NOT tell my husband) I've seen some cool action with the Mets this year... ugh, that was painful... oh for the love of baseball... Thanks for this, Lee

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