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# # Bastard Son's Story

Rating: 3.1

I stand before you Father,
but you refuse to see
Oh dear Father, have I fallen from the tree
of your good grace, our last embrace
now a memory
Oh Father, have you forgotten me

I kneel before you Father
But you do not feel
Oh dear Father, have you forsaken me

I am your flesh and blood
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Fay Slimm 28 October 2009

Utterly appealing Sonya - - an experience to read and full marks for the last line - - it is inspired. 10 + + + Fay

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Patti Masterman 27 October 2009

Wow wow wow. 'I am your ill-begotten history'. What a genius line, and the poem around it was not constructed to accomodate that one line but leads us through impeccable thoughts to the very last line, which is like a flash of lightning before we yet suspected there could be a storm. Into the favorites this goes, before the loud Boom arrives..(smile)

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Alison Cassidy 08 November 2009

This is a fascinating poem with a myriad of possible interpretations - from a personal (familial?) expression of existential guilt, to a more metaphorical comment about man's destruction of the world and all its riches. Your internal rhymes are most appealing and the whole piece has a biblical flavor which works superbly. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Patrick A. Martin 06 November 2009

You find strong emotionl subject matter and you treat it with grace and honesty well done 10

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Lorenzo Costigliolo 05 November 2009

... as history, so also the progeny? Interesting plea for clarification to rationalize? or have explicated? Hmmm. Interesting possibilities.

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Sandra Martyres 31 October 2009

Sonya, this brilliant pithy poem says so much...it can be viewed in several ways..a simple plea, a cynical view or just a tale as its title suggests...but in all cases it touches a chord with the reader...Thanks 10++++++++from me.

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Susan Jarvis 28 October 2009

From the blatant title to the powerful closing line, this poem grabs the reader's full attention and then steals their heart! S :)

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