# # # Lament In Silence Poem by Sonya Florentino

# # # Lament In Silence

Rating: 3.3

I could have moved him

If he could hear how loud

my heart was beating

I could have touched him

But he could not feel much

beyond his pale skin

I could have loved him

But he was blind and could not read

my broken lines

I went through the motions

Drowning in an ocean

A dead sea...

He kept on looking past me

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

with much thanks to Ronald Peat, a poet friend,
for guiding me through the deep end....

Maryam S 06 October 2009

sweet and simply beautiful

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Carol Gall 06 October 2009

such lovely emotions 10

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Rakesh Bedi 07 October 2009

i think sonya, silence to be of two types; first is silent silence and second is disturbed silence....to me, this poem is a beautiful depiction of disturbed silence or i would say, shrieking silence....

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Ravi A 07 October 2009

A disappointed love affair. Such poems not at all stir me at my age. You may read my 'Yours affectionately' just for a change.

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Kesav Easwaran 08 October 2009

good poem...sentiments ocean deep...thanks Sonya...10

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Jack Williams 05 December 2009

How fortunate we are that you share your broken lines with us!

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Laurie Hill 20 October 2009

'' I could have loved him But he was blind and could not read ...my broken lines loved those lines....so very sad.........

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Original Unknown Girl 20 October 2009

I love this poem Sonya. The words run deep and I felt every line. It is true, sometimes there are some folks that do not connect with us, however much we wish it. His loss, I say. Great poem. HG: -) xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 17 October 2009

This is a great moving write ma'am.. I loved the way you bring out emotions through your poems, this is very nice to read.. You kept the poignant aspect through out the poem.. I was touched with love shan

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Patrick A. Martin 15 October 2009

Sometimes love is a oneway street and yoi describe that beautifully here thank you-! 0

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Sonya Florentino

Sonya Florentino

Manila, Philippines (residing NYC)
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