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Be A Good Student

Rating: 4.8

Be a good student
Learn as much as you can
Always be willing to grab education
For the time is at hand
Study your books
And strive to be the best
Focus on your studies
And be a cut above the rest


A must read for all students that is full of inspiration. Well done!

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Clarence Prince 19 April 2016

Good encouragement: strive to be the best!

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Sandra Feldman 13 May 2017

Wonderful advice, couldn't be better! Should be sent to all students In an open letter.

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Lovely lines loaded with lessons of inspiration and education. Well done Alman. This poem resonates with me!

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Akhtar Jawad 02 April 2018

What a lovely message, an universal message for the students.

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wow I like your poim

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2017

ok, i've read the comments. i still disagree about pushing excellence in the faces of those who can't be or don't care to be 'the best'. some kids may be harmed by such advice. i'd at least temper the advice with the little words ' that they can be', or 'that they want to be'. bri :) sent in sections due to PH problem in sending comments this week.; (

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Bri Edwards 17 November 2017

well, i bet a lot of others will buy into THIS advice, but i'm not inclined to buy it. i suppose a lot of successful people have followed the route you suggest, and it may have caused a lot of 'good' in the world. but...............probably not always. and plenty of 'good' comes from those unable or not interested in being a cut above the rest. to be cont............

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