Because Of Your Love Poem by Frank Bana

Because Of Your Love

Rating: 5.0

I want to get lost in a poetry workshop
Walk in a garden at 5 am
Even start to believe in a God again
Because you came to me in Love

I mislaid my wallet and forgot my way
Abandoned all cares of identity
Because of the beauty that captured me
When you came to me in Love

I want to decorate a brand-new building
With colours never seen before
Because of wonder that came to my door
When you brought your Love to me

I will cross the Sahara by railway train
To hold your hand in desert landscape
Because of the visions of hope you gave
When you came as a gift of Love to me.

And we will go dancing through moonlit nights
Washed of dust by tides from the sea
We will be singing our song of delight
When Love is the World of you and me.

Anita Atina 18 July 2008

So love does make the world go round... lovely poem Frank!

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Lynda Robson 14 July 2008

This is simply lovely Frank, are you talking about a person or God? I really enjoyed reading it 10 Lynda xxx

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Joan Mills 11 July 2008

Beautifully written!

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This is quite simply one of the most beautiful lovesongs (and a song I feel it is) that I have ever read. And reread. And reread. etc. t x

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