Before I Fell In Love Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Before I Fell In Love

It rains when the world suffers in silence with an aching heart
When it rains in the night in the light of the moon
I feel an emotion of deep centered awe, of mystery and gloom,
Melancholy is washed away when I realize that crickets will soon chirp;

Travellers suffer in silence in the heat of midday sun
The sun camouflages rain and all emotions are withheld,
Soon latent storm will show signs of rebellion
When the evening clouds darken robbing the gold of western sky,
There will be showers of blessings and then
The traveler will assert that water is costlier than gold;

I had started my voyage into the sea of life with fresh hopes
Now I find a storm brewing above,
The future is shrouded by a blanket of doubt
The rudders of my boat are with me alone
Yet the sea of life is under the control of fate;

I wait for a companion, to enter my boat, from some distant shore
The colourful play of days is not over yet,
The shore may not be as distant as it seems
Colours are still more for us to discover,
The storm of melancholy will soon be over
Then the petals of latent hope will unfold.

Pink Butterfly ... 03 February 2010

Meaningful poem with beautiflu flow! ! ! Adorable and lovely to read! ! ! God bless you! -Pink Butterfly-

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