Betrayal Of Love Poem by Crimson Love

Betrayal Of Love

Rating: 3.5

My first taste of betrayal,
was one to not be forgotten,
Betrayed by the one whom was the one I could confide,
Ripping at the sewn bits of my heart....
She betrayed me......
My friend,
the one whom held my love,

Caught upon a bed of deciet she lie there with someone,
whom wasn't me,
My eyes fill with sadnees, a look of regret,
she stares back into my eyes, apoligetic...distraught,
How can this happen, when I've given everything,
Tears trickle down my crimson face,

I wasn't good enough, I've been replaced,
She held my heart, and had a choice,
The lust of another or the everything I have,
she chose wrong,
now....I'm gone.

grace 03 December 2019

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Daniel 11 December 2018

A sad, honest poem. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing.

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Thoughts Of A Poet 19 October 2012

this one is a good one and why don't you write poetry any-more you were so good at it

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Lenore Lee 16 October 2011

This poem is a real tearjerker. I could feel my heart breaking along with yours, I so long to ease your pain.

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Stefanie Fontker 11 October 2011

Aw, mon amour. What a heart breaking poem. The strikes our loved ones try to burst our hearts with, always leave the worst scars.

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