A Gentle Heart Poem by Crimson Love

A Gentle Heart

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I sleep by my love,
Holding her close.
Feeling the beat of her gentle heart.

I whisper in her ear 'I love you'
She turns to me and says ' your my everything'
I look into your eyes with crippling devotion,
We share a bond unseen By the eye,
A love always willing to Defy.

Diana Rose Tolentino 06 October 2011

a sense of contentment, just holding her and knowing that your love is reciprocated. this poem is lovely and soothing. amazing write..thanks

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Jessie Hopkins 28 September 2011

Your poems of love are beautiful. I enjoy reading them many of times over. :)

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Romeo Della Valle 18 September 2011

Love is A Challenge always and a goal to be pursued in all kind of weather! Beautiful piece that clearly gives you away! Poetry is in your blood! 10+++ Keep it up, fighter! Love and Peace! Romeo from NYC....

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Vipins Puthooran 18 September 2011

Again a beautiful love poem.../love always willing to defy/ nice line...

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Harlea Quinn66 14 November 2011

i loved this: D so amazingly written you truly are one beautiful poet

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Harindhar Reddy 05 November 2011

Amazing poem with sensitivity at best and sentiment at the highest peak. Simply superb! I say! :) :) :) :) 'We share a bond unseen By the eye, A love always willing to Defy.'

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Jinal Oswal 19 October 2011

Wow! ! ! Simple but strong lines... An eye can say things which the words cannot define.. Loved it! !

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Lenore Lee 16 October 2011

This brought tears to my eyes to know that it is possible to love so deeply that you only need to hold her to know she'll always love you back. Love is always willing to defy anyone and anything else, I adore your true poetry.

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Jacqui Broad 08 October 2011

Just great! Another rebel at heart. So simple, yet so lovely...

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