Crimson Love Poems

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The Stylized representation,
of this hallow muscular organ,
Perplexes minds upon the brink of insanity,
The reflected image of a shape

A Distant Love

I'm the angel sent to protect you.
Watching your life through closed eyes,
I watch and observe.
Such a delicate creature of beauty,

The Crimson Prince

The Crimson Prince, better than that of charming,
seducing women, without even trying,
Why do they love me, when I am so unlovable?
can they see crimson pain, beaded upon my blade?

A Kiss Of Death.

Death kisses me, Sucking the oxygen from my lungs,
A kiss so deadly, It can only be felt once,
A kiss of death so seductive, You'll never come back,
You get a taste of what can be, you get a taste of what you lack,

Whisper's Of The Heart

When Love I bestow, it shall be upon thee,
My love like my life are yours, can't you see?
Your love more valuable than anything to me,
Your beautiful smile,


Crimson eyes awaken,
as the smell of blood arouses,
I lie in turmoil wondering what has been,
yet I already know.....

Betrayal Of Love

My first taste of betrayal,
was one to not be forgotten,
Betrayed by the one whom was the one I could confide,
Ripping at the sewn bits of my heart....

I Tried

I tried to hide, yet you found me their everytime,
I tried to run, yet I was always three steps behind,
Innocence upon touch has been taken away,
Thought of as nothing, I'm slowly fading away,

The Illusion Of Love

love is magic
but magic is an illusion
So is the heart shrouded in a lie,
when love enters it?

A Gentle Heart

I sleep by my love,
Holding her close.
Feeling the beat of her gentle heart.

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