Between Two Griefs Poem by Amberlee Carter

Between Two Griefs

Rating: 4.7

last night while I
played in another realm of consciousness,
I felt your hand move against mine,
as if you were reaching out
from your own fantasia to make sure in this reality,
you weren't spending the storm alone.

I know you are stepping lightly
maybe crawling beneath another night
trying to reach the stars,
searching for their names,
as if they are buried
like the roots of trees beneath the skin of nature-

all things stem from somewhere
in our minds, everything begins and ends
within the pulse of this world.
yet I want to be recreated, in you,
to be granted definition through your labor-of-love
just as
I was when mother and father were united
some years before the valiant fall

In my dreams-
I walk out into the storm,
so that you'll reach for me-
I want you to know my name.

Gregory Gunn 20 January 2006

Dear Amberlee, '...the assent of heart and mind together, makes us feel, if only for an hour, at one with life and whole in ourselves.' C. Day-Lewis 1951 Stupendous craftsmanship. Marvellously mystical. Gregory

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Uriah Hamilton 25 July 2005

I seek to know your name and your vision, beauty and tragedy meet and kiss in the importance of your words.

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kenneth william snow 17 April 2005

As all who encounter your wisdom wish to know your name. You are beyond consciousness are conscious of... kenneth

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