...Shaving My Legs Poem by Amberlee Carter

...Shaving My Legs

Rating: 4.7

....shaving my legs to enya,
it makes me feel clean.
you've got free long distance-
you should visit more often.
so much is so easily lost in the space
between your tongue and my heart-
you lick my breasts well you know

i wonder
are you still thinking over
that meaningless thing i said a week ago-
(about the other guy and the other girl)
who would be us-
he would say never and she, forever
as they parted lips thighs and hips-
Hollywood will never capture the pulsating ebb of love,
but they can fake it well.

i heard your voice yesterday,
as you passed through my dreambed-
my stomach resembles a fish bowl,
and your words are like virgin goldfish about to orgasm.

my thoughts are on my love,
the calm morning that woke before me-

i slithered from beneath my sticky sheets,
all reckless and abandoned,
counting the penance for last night's sins.

there has to be more than this:
sour coffee and DefPoetryJam reruns-
while my love showers

in the next room

in another city

Tallie Kane 29 April 2005

What an amazing poem. I especially love the impact caused at the end of the poem, of the distance between two people. The way you write is so natural, and I hope to read more of your poetry, Tallie Kane

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 16 February 2005

Another good poem.Thank you.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 12 January 2005

The shaving part wasn't as much as I had hoped for. Perhaps you would want to read my Legging It to add some spice? Normally I don't try to sell my poems this way. Enjoyed this, not just the last few lines.You are writing some good stuff. H

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 12 January 2005

yep, yep! fantastic indeed. the last few lines did it for me...

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Jackson Kilroy 12 January 2005

Loved the last few lines of this. Very nice.

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Ingenious.enjoyed reading

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Holly Gardner 11 March 2022


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Fidel Arcenas 27 March 2009

in another city in another room my mind breaks the distance between verses and desires bursting in far away skies yet I hear the joyous moans of words and see the flawless skin excruciating in rhymes of ecstasy i reach out and nothing yet I now - you are there in another room in another city

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fanniesson - 30 September 2006

this one tells me i have to come back and read all your works you have a wonderful style i really enjoy your thoughts

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G. Murdock 07 December 2005

I feel as if I've stumbled into the ladies room. An intimacy dislodged by all the gadgets and period music, but then captured by the lines at neck level, yanked back for another gander. I agree the last line clicks this to an end. Good work

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