Because I Could Not Compete With Skyscrapers And Swing Dancers Poem by Amberlee Carter

Because I Could Not Compete With Skyscrapers And Swing Dancers

Rating: 4.8

[ or: My heart is full of love for you- that I can't use ]

Because now
there is nothing more between us, except,
39 hours and 54 minutes that translates into:

Because this is the last poem
I will ever dedicate to the splendor
that is your existence-
however flawed and creased,
however beautiful and eternal

Because every night I spend, restless
drinking with the moon, watching
as he molds the sky in likeness of your body-
contorts your torso like clouds until
they weep lightning

Because the bed will never
smell of your sweat, and my pillow
will forget the fragrance of
your breath-
and because tonight,
the first time in a long time;
the stars outshine your eyes

Because the absolution of death
could not come at a sweeter hour-
the moment after I lit love’s pyre
and left your ghost aspiring warmth from itself-

Because I forgive you
for ever loving me at all-
I forgive you because;
the heart loves like fire and
breaks like water

Jerry Hughes 08 October 2005

Amberlee, this is a spledid poem.

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Tears In Rain 09 September 2005

Your heart breaking like water was a striking image. Simple but full of impact.

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Max Reif 06 August 2005

I don't think this is a cliche, though it's certainly a subject many cliches have been written about. I can see you and feel you there. I don't think I've ever encounted the precise sentiments, or the phrases you use, ever before. I know the sense of time measuring (emotional) distance, that you begin the poem with.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 10 June 2005

Wonderful poem! You could not describe things any better. Bravo!

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Mireille Laborie 29 May 2005

It's wonderful Amberlee, even so sad, indeed. I already read it on another place, but still like it a lot. (Metalcove)

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Goldy Locks 25 May 2006

oh my God. ..superb.

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Joe Howell 24 March 2006

And because i love this. Joe

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Latheesh Mohan 11 February 2006

Infact, the only good thing about this poem is the first stanza, though that has got nothing with the rest.

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Joy Vanderhelm 02 January 2006

I loved every bit of it except the first stanza. I'm not sure it fits with the intensity and power that I found in the rest of the poem. Nevertheless, very well written.

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Ivy Christou 24 October 2005

.... what can I say when I read something like this.. I'm in awe.. well done' HBH

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