Beware Of Scams In Sheep's Clothing...... [liars Sending Ph Messages; Short Enough: Scams] Poem by Bri Edwards

Beware Of Scams In Sheep's Clothing...... [liars Sending Ph Messages; Short Enough: Scams]

My PH friend John Westlake...
does care about us all.
He worries we'll be scammed,
that we'll 'drop the ball'.
'Young Women' have sent to him...
and me, messages for 'Help',
asking us to get involved;

Yes, I've gotten requests....
to help invest foreign money...
(and/or be an 'email' friend) ,
but both requests seem 'funny'.

Funny as in 'Look out you...
and 'me'; hang up really QUICK! ! '
And, If they persist I say.....
'Then beat them off....with a stick.'


Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: warning
Gajanan Mishra 03 September 2014

good way of looking out, thanks,

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Xelam Kan™ 04 September 2014

hahaha..surely. children are the fathers of man...

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 08 September 2014

Hello poet Bri It's a shame that there are people who turn the greatest things into that which you must guard so against. I agree, and enjoyed this piece. Loyd

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Achill Lad 02 October 2014

Glad I found this particular poem. I was beginning to think I was becoming paranoid in my old age. Yes there is a lot going on behind the scenes On P.H. Like John Westlake says, below, some people view common decency as a weakness. Thanks for this reassuring message Bri.

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Brian Johnston 25 September 2014

Well nothing risked nothing gained as well. I met Neethu Panicker here on this web site almost 6 months ago, and never have I been more richly rewarded, an honorary Grand Daughter and a budding poet as well. I am also investing in another young life, a college boy and his siblings in a foreign country. I'll let you know how that turns out. My extended family is growing and my heart never has felt richer or more loved. I'm not a huge Ronald Reagan fan but his advice to 'Trust but verify' still rings true for me. Even those who disappoint us have not necessarily deceived us. Things change. Do not get in over your head, but dare to help others as you are able. You will always win! Being a good person is an art form, like poetry.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 19 September 2014

Thank you Bri Edwards for highlighting this issue. I have got so many emails seeking joint venture in business and pleasure and in one of those messages a person mentioned that I could have the access to her 'very personal photos' and many other details..

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Oliver Ovid 18 September 2014

Can you send me 50 bucks?

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Darlene Walsh 09 September 2014

Hi Bri, I have this nice bridge on the East River in NYC I could let you have cheap. Just send me your life's savings, and the bridge is yours. It's not even foreign,100% made in the USA. Nice poem, I've heard of such scams, but I've never actually seen one yet. Darla :)

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