Bittersweet Tragedy

Rating: 4.6

A picture speaks a thousand words
isn't that what they say?
In every photo of (you and me) us
you're always pulled away
or giving me that sideways glance
as if my presence is pretence

I see it all so clearly now
since momma passed away
as if she was the only link
holding us together- or
is it that I frighten you with
the truth, I see inside you?

I am the families conscience
in every pore I breathe, I see
wolves, they come around you now
the old dogs of hierarchy-
swaying you
it's you and them-
they'll pull you down into the muck
and have you crucify me
the one who loves
and thinks
only of your best interest-
but I am, too far away,
a mere inconveience
too much effort to continue
on with our relations-
what makes me saddest
is, I know
you severed ties-
without a word or argument
and just stopped caring

Copyright ©2004

Max Reif 23 August 2005

I feel the sadness. More strong writing. I don't know if you need the quotes around phrases, sometimes, and I think there's a typo-'dogs OF hierarchy' makes sense to me.

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Amberlee Carter 02 February 2005

' I wonder if you know how it murdered me to watch your eyes roll in disgust as you said: ' this is blaspheme! ' in reference to something I had titled love.' I relate to this poem on so many levels. The daughter, the sister (who's supposed to be a saint) the lover, the friend.. This really can apply to every aspect or meaning of the word 'relationship' Excellent writing. Always, Amberlee

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dissatified exmember 01 February 2005

Is this your father? ? Hugs Jan

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