Black, White And Grey Poem by Kevin Patrick

Black, White And Grey

Rating: 5.0

Tell me life is black and white
That there's a wrong and there's a right
Where good men never rot in graves
And villains always change their ways

Show me that there is some cause
Some just material from cosmic laws
Descending from determined hands
That there really was a master plan

So I tie my mouth around a stone
And sit with ease of caged angels
Looking patient with strong virtue
While wishing vengeance with a cudgel

A person's truth is another's crime
Our best relations come through lies
Were locked behind doors with holes
Peering through imagined glances

One day you wake and feel the same
While realizing there's been a change
You look inside the mirror and see
The stranger you thought you'd never be

It seems to me the spring is shorter
That geraniums laughter is getting older
The suns riptide pours from the clouds
Pink and orange bloom in their shrouds

Now I know the world is grey
That love begins and ends in pain
There is no secret grand design
Accept the one you live behind

Poet Of The River 02 March 2012

wow, i think so far this is my favorite of yours. :) it is well written. it is going on my favorites list.

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Diane Hine 15 June 2014

It doesn't get any easier and it doesn't get any harder; now that's something to look forward to (or maybe not) .

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Valsa George 09 March 2015

Once you thought life was black and white..... one of sorrow and joy staying distinct. But now you see life as grey..... Grey is the right mix of black and white! This I think is the right perception of life....where you experience that in joy there is pain and in pain there is joy! Very philosophical poem!

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Edward Kofi Louis 30 October 2016

Ways of life! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 06 March 2012

This is gud and an honest rhyme straight from the heart. I like the issues raised here, life and luv is not white and black....they are a little bit grey. Though i believe that luv is pain...and that it ends in pain too, i dont think it do begin with pain or else many will not be decieved and fall. Nice write up...keep it up.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 April 2021

True fascinating read, a thought-provoking poem, but aptly worded. Thank you for sharing this scintillating poem. To my favourites and 5 Stars full

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Graham Thompson 08 February 2019

So true! I wrote you a mail on this poem.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 January 2019

I still believe that love gives joy and happiness. We may derive pains from it but still love is the foundation of life. That in order to have a peaceful society there must be cognition of what is right and wrong and that wrong must be abhorred. A great poem brilliantly penned.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 January 2019

The penultimate stanza wherein the great Poet stressed that the spring is shorter denotes poignancy.. Spring symbolizes rebirth or life. The last stanza is a conclusion of the author that life is not governed by fate and that love is pain itself.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 28 January 2019

A powerful, poignant and thought provoking write. The two opening stanzas speak of conscience and faith. Conscience dictates what is right and wrong. And faith dwells from that determined hands from God. Stanzas 3,4,5 and 6 convey thoughts and circumstances that the great Poet ascertains that life is full of lies.

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