Inik Barr

Blackhole - Poem by Inik Barr

I think I probably fell through a hole whilst on a quest, I feel, I fear I could of been tricked. They say I derived from some Gyptians near Quetta near the land at that side of the world, but I don’t remember any of that, nor do I remember being bore onto this land that calls me ‘theirs‘. And when I close my eyes and enter a black hole, I don’t remember much that is clear, so maybe I fell into a blackhole in another land and they had a search looking for me for 1000 years. Who is to not say, that this could be. I’ve seen them with lizard skin in another land, they take advantage, so who is not to say. I see the wise Indians, wolfs in sheeps clothing they were, turn to barbarians, when they come bearing gifts, they said I had danced inappropriately and I had killed in self defence when my neck was almost snapped, so for this, they wanted to torture me for several days, I was confused. Because in this world, I hear they were good. There is some paper missing as to what I am and where I came from, how easy it would be to lose a piece of paper. Human, wonder what just a man looks like, or a Hu. Jehovah says they are demons, but I have nothing else to go on honey, if a demon loveth me that much, should I not love it back? if there is no pain, or harm to others. I think the last unicorn is sat in chair and they have drips attached to herself, they drink her juice. Maybe my imagination is brainwashed though, maybe it isn’t, who knows, who knows, can I meet them please coz I don’t like being confused, I have enough to think about.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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