Blow It Out Your Barrack's Bag Poem by Paul Amrod

Blow It Out Your Barrack's Bag


My dad screamed this when the situation was deserved
Since our chumsy chimpanzee it is for vermin reserved.
On the path of injustice with complete voter suppression
inventing unfair rules with an improvised digression.
Claiming election fraud has raised a criminal eyebrow
although Chris Krebs viewed the claims to be disavowed.
Our president won with high regards the executive branch
while the white supremacists initiated an avalanche.
So dismount from your high horse and brush your teeth
your wreaking revenge is baseless and lies beneath
all manners of behaviour left in your public sandbox.
Also your funds to the baboon are all wasted stocks.
Many of you insurrectionists have been rendered harmless
being stripped of pride while carrying your holy ordnance.
Fed to the ears with falsehoods and conspiracy theories
eating it all like cotton candy at an empty World Series.
We have all lifted our prayers to our supposed enemies
indoctrinated with poisons from a show host's legacies.
Dissolved from a spewing of complaints and grievances
propagating in disgust erecting a world of cleavages.
Attempting still to bewilder the old conservatives
splitting egregiously the GOP with drab divergences.
Blocking honesty the CPAC revealed its evil scheme
sending the pitiful minority party quickly downstream.
So we muster up our saying to each of these lollygags
Attention! Please blow it out your bloody barrack's bag.
We have no time for this miserably tedious gibberish
better manifest what each citizen truly does wish.
I feel a migraine marching from my neck to my brain
I crave for rationality before I go indescribably insane.
What is this ludicrous concept of destroying democracy?
The magnanimity is here for the continuation of normalcy.
So go waving through everglades on the way to Orlando
shouting to the alligators your next oblivious commando.
I wonder if Donald Duck was wondering of the Golden Calf
while Moses's crossed the Red Sea on his rickety raft.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
20,000 times to the confessional won't do his knees a favor.
Notwithstanding the arrogance will soon lose its sting
then will start the fumbling while justice takes everything.
His pardoned dregs of society look like bums from the fifties
left out of Hopper's paintings for their looks weren't so nifty.
Laughable creeps with an aura so dark they'd scare a ghoul
friends of Epstein and other hooligans thrown out of school.
So Cruz, Hawley, Johnson are playing golf with Lindsey Graham
while kissing Marjorie making room for their next dirty scam.
Keep your nasty words to yourself I beg you rotten scallywags
git a-movin' from here and 'Blow It Out Your Barrack's Bag.'

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: political humor
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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