Blue Dove Poem by jim foulk

Blue Dove

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The Blue Dove Legend.
says it's born every hundred years,
Blue Doves are true,
and brings love.

They say if the Blue Dove,
lands on your porch, or
near you, only good fortune,
for ever you'll have

Love always will be,
deep in your heart, so touching,
you with other down trodden
people, for you to reach.

An open heart to others,
a gift you will have.

Blue Doves are true
so if you see one,
do not flee.

Blue Doves are hatched,
in a nest of two
one white, one blue,
mother cuddles
with ever loving care,
she knows this little thing,
is so special and true.

The day that Blue Dove flees the nest,
and flys into the unknown
some lucky soul their fortune,
will change.

Blue Doves may be just,
a legend, but if you,
do see one, hope it comes,
your way, to bring hope,
love, life and better days.

Blue dove, does bring,
true love, and many happy
days, so watch out, look,
search the skys, Blue
Dove may be coming,
your way.

wrote 1-17-07

Bob Blackwell 21 March 2007

Lovely Poem Jim nice thoughts too I thought it worth more than ten. WE don't have blue doves in Africa, we have pretty Laughing Doves, Red eyed Doves and Emerald Spotted ones. I feel lucky to be writing poetry so I guess they also work, they visit my garden regularly. Bob

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Sandra Fowler 20 January 2007

What a wonderful legend! This one is pure magic. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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Suzan Gumush 19 January 2007

I already carry the blue dove. Inside my heart. Beautiful poem. Best wishes suzan. give you ten

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Ernestine Northover 17 January 2007

I don't think we would get them over here in the UK Jim, but I do love poems about birds, I tend to write a lot about them, they are so uplifting and interesting. Lovely legend, and I could certainly welcome one any day if what you say is true. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 17 January 2007

a beautiful story/poem, yes it is true that one simple pure a beautiful action can lead to so much more Well done on this one, very profound writing Love duncan X

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jim foulk

jim foulk

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