Border Poem by Taslima Nasrin


Rating: 3.8

I'm going to move ahead.
Behind me my whole family is calling,
My child is pulling my sari-end,
My husband stands blocking the door,
But I will go.
There's nothing ahead but a river.
I will cross.
I know how to swim,
but they won't let me swim, won't let me cross.

There's nothing on the other side of the river
but a vast expanse of fields,
But I'll touch this emptiness once
and run against the wind, whose whooshing sound
makes me want to dance.
I'll dance someday
and then return.

I've not played keep-away for years
as I did in childhood.
I'll raise a great commotion playing keep-away someday
and then return.

For years I haven't cried with my head
in the lap of solitude.
I'll cry to my heart's content someday
and then return.

There's nothing ahead but a river,
and I know how to swim.
Why shouldn't I go?

I'll go.

Kelly Kurt 07 April 2015

Wonderful Taslima. An honor to read

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Vishal Sharma 03 November 2015

wonderful poetry by a woman with an iron heart

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Rajnish Manga 06 December 2016

The poet has been hounded out of her country by an orthodox society because of her unconventional views The poem gives an insight view of her tides and tribulations as well as the firmness of her determination not to bog down by challenges that came her way. Thanks.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 December 2018

Yoy have astutely and touchingly inscribed this poem dear madam, a reader can perceive your feeling. Let me cite...There's nothing ahead but a river, / and I know how to swim. / Why shouldn't I go? / I'll go. A beautiful poem has been shared amazingly. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.

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Rajnish Manga 18 December 2018

Let this be the voice of those who are oppressed through past many centuries and show their true strength and calibre. You are a role model, Taslima Nasreen, for others.

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Bijay Kant Dubey 22 July 2019

The poem is just like the one written by Kamala Das, the poetry of protest thudded by social taboos and ghettos. When will woman be free? Why do they choke their voice? Can the songbird not sing freely?

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Britte Ninad 26 April 2019

the last line-I'll go yes; you must go, must come no hindrance strikes you.........

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Khairul Ahsan 18 December 2018

'For years I haven't cried with my head in the lap of solitude' - the best line of the poem, a unique expression! Liked the philosophy of the poem- there is nothing so special beyond the border, yet the will to cross the border is important, and one needs courage to do that. The poetess emphasizes on that courage. Loved the comment of Adrian Flett too.

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 18 December 2018

I love her determination to cross the border, to go. Well penned, bravely penned.

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Bill Cantrell 18 December 2018

I love the uniqueness of your flow of words, great poem! ! !

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Taslima Nasrin

Taslima Nasrin

Mymensingh / Bangladesh
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