Breath Life Into Me.... Poem by Angelic Warrior

Breath Life Into Me....

Rating: 2.8

A heart with no home is lost....
to be found or to be pushed away?
If each soul is made of two....
then why are some halves never united?
When no one showed you love.....
then how do you show that you care?
If life were a dream.....
would you wake happy or sad?

If I told you I wish I could love you with all my being.....
would you breath life and light into my dead heart?

Keith Hendrickson 07 July 2009

'if each soul is made of 2 then why are some halves never united' wow really good lines. top to bottom another great piece.

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Karla Bardanza 16 June 2009

Great lines you have here!

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sky dreams 14 June 2009

if this is just a quick write then i really can't wait to read your others.. this poem is delicate and heartfelt. good write

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 June 2009

The life of your lives needs love from someone that cares, but as usual that someone will come to you when you were caught unexpected.At the end of the day, love isn't the only thing in life that could make us live forever.

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Keith Parsons 07 June 2009

Some very insightful and thought provoking statements...and sometimes, I feel my quickest and easiest poems are my best.

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