Broken Poem by Tiffany Rose Moczydlowski


Rating: 5.0

''Are you okay? ''
His deep, warm brown eyes gaze into mine
I break eye contact
''Yes, I'm fine.''
The lie rolls off my tongue
Easier to tell every time
He takes my hand in his,
Lacing his fingers around mine
''No.'' He pauses ''You're not.''
His voice is so tender, so concerned
I bolt upright, startled
There's no way he could know...
The look in my eyes betrays my emotions
There's no way to deny it
He knows
He flips my hand over, exposing my naked wrist
A single tear falls from his face
Landing on my wounds
''Why? ''
I cannot contain myself any longer
I cry
I sob, my raw pain cascading down in a flow of tears
I heave, my body shakes
I rest my head against his chest
In desperate need of comfort
''It's too much.''
My breathing calms down, but I'm still a wreck
My eyes all red and puffy
Cheeks glistening with tears
I look up and catch his eye
''I don't know what to do anymore.''
He cradles me, as if I'm a delicate, porcelain doll
Wrapped in his embrace
He's silent
His eyes speak all the words he needs
He hugs me tighter
As if he'll never let go
Now I know
Now I finally have someone
Who will be there
Someone who really cares
Now I know
I don't have to be alone anymore
Now I finally know

Darkangel Flyfree 18 June 2012

Awww this one about made me cry. So sweet and beautiful poem. You are very talented, keep it up! ! !

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Todd Jones 20 June 2012

Your use of speed to give your poem a frantic nature after the line I bolt upright Is truly a gift. But I must admit I am left in a frantic state like something is missing. Now don't get me wrong I really enjoyed and liked this poem It is my favorite out of all of yours. *****just a suggestion******* try this Who will be there Someone who really cares Now I know I don't have to be alone anymore Now I finally know........... For him My wounds will grow old.

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Kyra Schaneel 21 June 2012

Wonderfull is all I can say. :)

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Grant Lovell 24 June 2012

Fantastic! Good depth

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Lusekelo Simwela 24 June 2012

i give it a ten, nice writing. keep at it, the more you write, the better you get

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Heather Wilkins 02 August 2013

very emotional write touching

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Heather Wilkins 02 August 2013

a very moving write. very emotional

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Ritty Patnaik 30 October 2012

tiffany.......this is a lovely one......your emotions show in every line.good work!

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Suzaku Vaneko 24 October 2012

Wow! Simply beautiful, so emotional. It brought tears to my eyes

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Sallam Yassin 15 July 2012

in your verses there is that kind of pure feeling that only gifted not gained you writing your words from u heart big heart with young soul splashing out colorful and spritual poems thank u keep up always like that

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