Falling Dreams Poem by Tiffany Rose Moczydlowski

Falling Dreams

Rating: 4.4

A shattered glass like silence now pervades
The secret space; she keeps her dreams concealed.
Uneasy once, the stars now quell and aid
Her doubt. A gaze upon the sky revealed
A hope. The glinting in the sky composed
Of burning light sometimes becomes less strong.
Deserted stars die hardly now, disposed
Of hope at home, never moving along.
Most jewels of night aflame within their bed
Reside up high almost eternally,
And stay so strong when faced with dark ahead,
Serene and bright for all the world to see.
She can't let dreams of hers be painful scars;
She won't let dreams of hers be falling stars.

Marcella D 12 July 2012

Now this is what I am talking about, it is not the best poem in the world (sorry) , but I like it because this is like something out of a childrens book :) nice job

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Prashansa Vaikunthe 15 July 2012

you really composed it very nicely......awesomme..

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Roland Houston 03 August 2012

Very moving, very emotional

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Kelly Seale 12 August 2012

Simply Beautiful! ! ! Loved this one Tiffany! Very well penned! Loved your imagery! ! ! Great Ink! ! ! ; -) -Kelly.

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Autumn Winds 12 August 2012

I really enjoyed reading this poem. The your descriptions create beautiful and inspiring imagery. Your poem flows very easily and well Nice poem: D

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Beautifully it is written and happily it is read. A great poem.

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Soumita Sarkar 23 June 2014

A very thought of poem..liked.

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Jayne Davies 23 June 2013

A beautiful write! Well done!

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Hazel Durham 02 January 2013

I loved this poem with it's beautiful imagery, just perfect! !

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Suzaku Vaneko 24 October 2012

Wow! What an amazing poem! Truly amazing! You have talent my friend! ^_^

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