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Brooklyn Ny

Rating: 4.8

Our hearts are in the kitchen
we talk with our hands
we yell down from our windows
we laugh even louder
we hug
we eat
we kiss
''fa-get about it''
that's our neighbourhood
it's the place
where everyday life
is good 'enough reason
to celebrate.

Copyright ©2005

Con Nie 15 April 2006

Nice way to describe Brooklyn. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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Gregory Gunn 17 January 2006

Dear Adrienne, Nice little slice of life; I feel I would fit right in there. To celebrate life just by doing the mundane; you gotta love it. Gregory x

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Cj Heck 08 December 2005

I love Brooklyn. You described it so well! My daughter and her husband just moved from Garfield Place in Brooklyn to Connecticut. They were in Brooklyn for two years - I loved visiting them. I always felt safe there, walking everywhere to the little shops and cafes. Nice poem, Adrienne. Love, CJ

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Amberlee Carter 25 March 2005

it's poetry like this that makes me want to travel...it's not the world as it is, but as it is through anothers eyes...remarkable really, how, through the power of verse you can transport the reader into a different entirely....I love reading your work. always, Amberlee

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Lenchen Elf 18 March 2005

Snapshot resonating with smiling life, I adore it: -)

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