Butterflies Poem by anais vionet


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We were on a 2nd floor garden terrace. The three-quarter moon was doing its best to set a romantic, gin-mood, pouring a soft pastel-blue on the world, that softened hard edges.

A cool breeze wafted jasmine scents from a nearby tea-olive tree. We were alone, the only sounds were far off footsteps and my pounding heart. Wasn't this romantic?

Fueled twice by desire I had dressed carefully and modestly, with just a subtle, but fancy, hint of sluttiness. My costume, carefully vetted by a company of five, calculating, non-virgins, was designed to be both alluring and as abstruse as Kleenex. I was a doll dressed, painted and scented to seduce. Wasn't I romantic?

We'd never kissed before, and I wanted him to kiss me with an almost moaning force of will. I brushed my skirt down and checked that my hair was in place with quick, fleeting hand motions that could have been butterflies in the reflected light.

We were sitting close together, I could feel his warmth, but nothing was happening and then, as nothing continued to happen, I began to fret, to sag, what was the glitch? Maybe..

I felt a warmth, his breath, I looked up and he kissed me, gently, then moved back a little. I smiled. I wanted to laugh, to shout, to jump around like my team had won the Superbowl, but I was very still, lest I scare him off. Oh, there were butterflies somewhere.

He's smart. His mind probes the infinite but sometimes neglects the immediate. I wasn't expecting a smooth move from someone who's all knees, thumbs and elbows but, hey, I'm capable, and willing, to learn.

Sunday, August 28, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: moon,joy,kiss,butterflies
Khairul Ahsan 09 September 2022

'His mind probes the infinite but sometimes neglects the immediate'- beautiful! Enjoyed your naration.

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anais vionet 09 September 2022

I'm happy then =]

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