Can't Forget Bodofa

Rating: 5.0

Was you trying Bodofa
Not even without and to relax
Thirty and without hunger
On Guard as an emissary to the Bodo race
You tries Bodofa cores of giving blood.
The Bodo race to light!
Can't to finish guiding you the dream
Awakening to the form.
Left in the time of crisis, the premature
Rare on life!
Been incomplete dream and hope
Leave behind the history you give Bodofa
Bodo race given the show a way.
Live fights and incomplete you hero
Bodo for the race! !
Can't forget oh the hero
You Sacred heart
Bodo sons to feel compassion.
Live to worship you forever
Light your gloating
Martyr's tomb on...!
Welcome to this, and lets go
History for today
Made in revolution
The all Bodo race
To create a separate state.

This is a translation of the poem बावनाय नङा बड'फा by Ronjoy Brahma
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
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