Be With Me Always Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Be With Me Always

Rating: 4.3

Looking at your face
seeing those whisphering eyes
feeling you close to me
I simply do not know
how I will ever be able to
live without seeing you
without talking to you
without you close to me.
Death will definitely
better than life without you.
You have become part of me
I breathe feel think live
I kept that kerchief
close very close
to me
for a whole day when you were not with me.
I felt as if a part of you
with me
with your body odour
rubbed by that kerchief with me.
Oh my God
I never thought loving can be a pleasure
and intense pain.
Smi I really love you

Anna jonson 14 September 2008

waaaw all i'm wishing for was that this poem was mine

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Lylyanna Pilewski 13 September 2005

Very sweet I like it Lylyanna

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Stephanie van Oudtshoorn 12 September 2005

it is beautiful and powerful. i am glad you posted it for others to see, it reminded me that men, too, can love in such a way which is something important i had forgotten.

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Mary Nagy 08 September 2005

Such intense love being expressed here! So nice. Smi must be a very happy woman. Sincerely, Mary

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Sweet Seven 06 September 2005

seem to be so inlove with smi. hope both love will last till end.

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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