Dancing With Burning Madness Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Dancing With Burning Madness

Rating: 5.0

Dreams hold me together
dreams of days and nights
spent as one being;
giving ecstacy new names
giving madness new names
giving pleasure
with madness creeping into you
forcing you to forget everything.

You even call names of Gods you know
wondering, these pleasures are real
you cannot believe
as they are greater than
you ever imagined.

Eating each bit of me
with wildness of a mad animal
drinking even sweat of me
as if more sweeter than honey

You pace up and down on me
with your hands, legs,
lips, teeth, breasts, hips.
with your breath going
fast faster fastest
wild animal in you
coming up.

Your eyes are half closed
eye balls rolling up and down
you forget your existence
as a shy, always acting human being.

You think of nothing
only feel wild urges
coming out as wild
with pleasure zones each opening up
making you a bundle of
feelings with all colours
coming in different shapes.
Your whole body
reaching madness
with mind dancing
up and down
and all sides.

Brian Jani 05 May 2014

an exceptional write tom

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

Cochin, Kerala state, India
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