! Charity, Caring, Loving-Kindness Poem by Michael Shepherd

! Charity, Caring, Loving-Kindness

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Translators live a life
of great blessing, and of frustration:
they live uniquely in the mind
of the great ones they translate – and yet
are destined never fully to reveal this
in their native language, to their fellows,
countrymen and women;
must leave it to the reader, to restore to life.

We too, translators –
words into deeds, deeds into experience,
experience then taught in words…so -

charity, care, or loving-kindness?

maybe we are old, and we uncared for;
maybe we are young, and we uncared for..

but, caring care – this is so beautiful;
to receive; even just to watch; or best, to give…
and too good not to know…

so, we might follow that wonderful advice:
‘What you think you lack – give that! ’
and bestow all our ‘agape’, our ‘charitas’ –
the word which taxed - along with ‘faith’ and ‘hope’ -
the translators of the Bible…
that care that cares not to be care-worn…

we, to translate word to deed,
love, to loving-kindness;
love, to boundless care.

(for Mary N., too, who knows this)

Castellenas John 22 March 2019

Kind, needed and wonderful words shared. I liked and I agreed with your words and thoughts.

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Alison Cassidy 23 November 2007

You use language so meticulously, so skillfully, so impeccably, so thoughtfully - to explain, to enlighten, to enrich, to inspire. And yet your poetry is so much more than mere words. It is beyond language - beyond translators. Thank you. Love, Allie xxxx

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Mary Nagy 15 November 2007

Michael, What a beautiful message! I'm more than honored to read this. I love the 'What you think you lack - give that! ' line. You managed to put into words so many of my thoughts here. It's so nice to read your work. (My hours are shifting at work so I will have a little more time in the AM now) Great work as usual... you always manage to impress with your class. Love, Mary

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Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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