Cherish Each Day Poem by Patricia Grantham

Cherish Each Day

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Spend precious moments with a love one
Take the time to give a word of cheer
Then live out your life to the fullest
Knowing He will always be right there

Sees the birds when they fall from a tree
Cares for them as He does for you and me
Give shelter from the storm and also the rain
Never have to worry about troubles ever again

No more darkness see only the bright light
Keep walking by faith and not by your sight
To live with Him forever where life has no end
Cherish each new day that He will ever send

Copyright 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: encouragement
Valsa George 22 October 2013

You appear to me an angel spreading God's love! If we train our mind to ignore the darkness and see only light, definitely life will be better. But it can easily be said than done!

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Marvin Brato 24 October 2013

Live as if its your last by cherishing each day!

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Joseph Anderson 28 October 2013

profoundly beautiful thoughts, worth reflecting on. You show a great reverance for life in this sincere write

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Dee Corpolongo 02 December 2013

Another beautiful and loving poem. Showing others how to appreciate each given day. Very soothing, and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.....and caring.

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Khairul Ahsan 13 November 2013

This is really a wonderful poem, so inspirational! Three beautiful stanzas, each illuminate our hearts like a beam of light. 'Keep walking by faith and not by your sight' This line should live in our hearts for ever! Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts with us. Glad to give it 10/10.

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Neela Nath Das 03 November 2013

So positive! Loved N loved.

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Clarence Prince 31 October 2013

Surely the Lord has blessed you with a god-fearing heart, Patricia! Keep the faith, the blessings of the Lord shall always protect you!

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 29 October 2013

See only the bright light. Nice poem invoking His blessing. Thank you.

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Patricia Grantham

Patricia Grantham

Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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