.chicken Hawks And Ostrich Doves Poem by Cretan Maineiac

.chicken Hawks And Ostrich Doves

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'Bring 'em home alive, and now, '
coos liberal table pounder.
'Put the welfare slobs to work, '
fat catbird caws to counter.

'It's corporate sloth that keeps us down, '
comes lefty's pat response.
'Stop whining! ' commands the righteous right,
'show gratitude for once.'

'Let's harness the sun, spare the critters
& hammer our swords to ploughshares.'
'We've mastered the atom, put fossils to work
& as for the arts, who cares? '

By the red-neck reckoning
Life's sacred from neo-conception
while blue-blood necro-libertine
begs further interpretation.

Lorenz found that, tho doves might coo,
they’ll bite off a partner’s head.
A hawk is a ruthless scavenger
that picks at the weak and the dead.

Ostriches don’t really burrow from fear
but still won’t see what’s around.
Some chickens gaze up @ the rain so long
swallowing precip until they drown.

Chicken Hawks and Ostrich Doves
grown flightless on points to ponder
assuming the world's split red and blue
& capital to squander.

Marc Mannheimer 15 October 2007

The history of America (or most of it) , succinctly wrapped up in an enjoyable rhyme.

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power corrupts and corrupts poets completely both red and blue..10

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It is always excellent to see you posting. Stop doing it so little. t x

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Ted Sheridan 30 September 2007

Amen. Both parties are the same...crazy with power.

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