.christoffa Corombo Poem by Cretan Maineiac

.christoffa Corombo

Rating: 5.0

A failure at best, say some (clad under cover of
the present) , genocide at
worst, tho his sail across pitching hungry waves required

balls that today might prompt one to seek out
Mare Tranquilitatis via
hot-air balloon, armed only w/ a sextant.

'[L]ike Paradise...' he sd. of his
find, but for
the fact that the

Native brothers & sisters (*in Dio* = 'in God')
insisted on walking about
naked, as tho Adam & Eve sported khakis.


It's good to reexamine the past and poetry is an excellent lens for doing so. Glad I got to read this.

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Marc Mannheimer 16 October 2007

I'm kind of liking these topical poems (or did I read one yesterday by someone else?) - just very succinct, artistic renderings of an event.

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Emancipation Planz 14 October 2007

An excellent take on an early coloniser... today a genocide (almost) of all indigenous populations... One Peace at a Time, Deana

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David Barlow 13 October 2007

Chris I think all Explorers of unknown Worlds are incredibly brave and I think Columbus would like your Poem. Good one. All the best David

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Ivan Donn Carswell 08 October 2007

The poem is rather like Colombus - intrepidly sailing into uncharted waters. Yet it delivers a fresh and cogent perspective with its concise, abbreviated form. Rgds, Ivan

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