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.o Pateras, The Good Doctor

Rating: 5.0

You look just like
him, some say, that
Spartan frame oddly augmented by
lordosis gut, glasses, & those leaky
kidneys. I
had to move his obit to

the bottom drawer, or be
reminded each
time of that permanent absence, out

of the very Way he helped
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Cece Lamberts 05 September 2007

Without getting very descriptive, you manage to paint his portrait for me with your unbeatable style that I'd recognize in an instant. Great job, Chris, love this tribute to your patera. Take pride in the fact that you do look like the good doctor, may God rest his soul. CeCe

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Alison Cassidy 31 August 2007

Chris - this is a very touching, beautifully sketched portrait of your (father?) penned with 'dry backyard garden wit' (just like him) and a complete absence of sentimentality (just like him too, I bet) . You give the reader just enough information to see him, but not too much so as to over egg the pudding. A warm and loving tribute, I'm sure he would approve. love, Allie xxxx

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Peter Stavropoulos 26 August 2007

The older generation certainly lived through interesting times. I look like my old man too. There are many ways to honour them, especially by using words in times of peace.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 01 October 2008

My 10 for this moving and beautiful poem.

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Colin Jeffery 23 July 2008

Very moving by a poet of merit. great work.

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Sue Ann Simar 08 July 2008

C. M., where the content moves the form; because the content is so genuine and honest, the form follows wonderful detail. meant to be read outloud - I could hear it as I read it silently - Sue Ann Simar

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It's hard to know who your reader will love more; your father, or you. Hugs. t x

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Dee Daffodil 05 September 2007

Chris...This was a sweet and touching tribute to the man who helped you grow to the person you are today. He sounds like a firm, yet warm man...and your obvious respect and love of him...stands tall and proud! Hugs, Dee

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