Childhood Poem -6 Poem by soulful heart

Childhood Poem -6

Boom boom boom
Oh! The horrible bomb
Bringing soon the doom.
The burst of a small ball,
And the end of all lives;
Gobling in its fire tall
Destroys the earth
Kills all the living;
Snatches the child's hearth
Leaves the man crippled
To suffer all his life-
Reminding when it first ripped.

You punish the murderer
In the court of law
Whom do you punish,
Who kills all at once
With just one tiny swish?

Why slay your brother?
Just for power?
You kill your own earth no one other.
Rember O butcher
There is no power
Greater than the one Teacher.
Where will be your power
When there's no land
And only dead bodies aa tower?

Stop this treachery
Save yourself
Leave all the butchery
Kill no living
Destroy not, the world
On which you stand.
For one day
You will have no one
Not even yourself to slay.

Friday, September 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: war
similar to the 5th poem yet generalized in a different way.....
Akhtar Jawad 12 October 2014

Threats from nuclear weapons nicely painted.

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Valsa George 30 September 2014

The horrors of war are beautifully summarized! Yes, war can destroy everything in the split of a second! Who said- ' If we use atom bombs in the third World war, we will have to use bow and arrow in the next' ! A great write!

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Md Asadullah 28 September 2014

Shock waves produced by explosive events have two distinct components, the positive and negative wave. The positive wave shoves outward from the point of detonation, followed by the trailing vacuum space sucking back towards the point of origin as the shock bubble collapses. the damage caused is immense yet we humans continue to make more and more powerful bombs. Thanks for bringing this issue in this poems.

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