Our Founder Poem by soulful heart

Our Founder

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Today as we remembered
Those bright eyes long away passed,
With a vision surpassed
A zeal that outclassed-
The contemporaries, who accepted
Him a living modelled
To simple living high thinking
-yet un-named.
A literary torch bearer for little nymphs. Aimed
Un thought goals -strived and achieved.
Pray! all you associated;
Bless his soul as much blessed
Us, with ideals and morals he bestowed.
Garden be the mound wherein he's rested
O founder! our memories are sweetened
With the legacy you unfolded
For us, to pursue as sacrament scrolled.
We thanking thee- are pledged
To keep alight the path kindled-
Glowed, nurtured and torched
Till times unknown -brilliantly ignited.

(This roem is a tribute for a simple person who started in the year 1953 a small school for the minorities in a small town called Karwar, Karnataka in India. He worked with such dedicatin that it is a great institution with several sections today with a beautiful building and organisation. He passed away in the 80's but the school organizes an Educational week in his memory every year.)

Howard Johnson 08 May 2012

Excellent piece enjoyed the words, thank you for sharing

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 14 February 2014

With a vision surpassed A zeal that outclassed-, , , nice lines...10 stood heavily and readily to face anything for solid fou ndation

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Abdallah Gamal 20 July 2011

nice and hopeful poem, , wonderful written :)

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The torchbearer who deserves to be remembered forever, forever and forever!

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Sakshi shende 20 March 2018

This video is very nice and good

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Adeline Foster 14 July 2016

Nice Tribute. Read mine - If There Be No God - Adeline

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Edward Kofi Louis 20 February 2016

A Literary Touch! Nice piece of work.

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Khairul Ahsan 10 August 2014

I am greatly inspired by this poem to do good works. Thanks for the note given at the end. It is a very inspirational poem.

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