Childhood Poem-12 Poem by soulful heart

Childhood Poem-12

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He never knew light
He never knew sight
Everything around was dark.
Never saw the sky
Never saw birds fly.
He did not know beauty
Nor anything murky.
Because he was a child
Who was born blind.

Friday, October 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
i had written this poem when one day i came to know that the road cleaner of our colony had a blind son....i just could not understand how a boy just a couple of years younger to you could live without looking at anything....i used to scream even if mom would not be there in the room whenever there was a power failure...
Dr Pintu Mahakul 03 October 2014

The child was blind. But awaked with hearing voices of poems in his mom's mouth. All series of this poem numbered in different sections are really beautiful presentation and more valuable works.

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Gajanan Mishra 05 October 2014

Very beautiful. I like it, thanks.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 05 October 2014

A touching poem but the blind people many times hav more gifts than us. I know a very extra talentd blind man who uses his other senses far better than us. Kudos sis poet. And FOND BAQRID MUBARUK

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Ramesh Rai 05 October 2014

A heart touching expressive poem, you have fine skill of writing as well as expressing your thoughts and emotions, keep writing.

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Valsa George 08 October 2014

A very philosophical write..... being blind, they are free of all ugliness of life! When God deprives somebody of onething, He may gift him/her with many other things... I have seen many blind people with the gift of music!

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Adeline Foster 13 July 2016

How nice that you gave him a voice. Read mine - Time For Another - Adeline

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Chuy Amante 02 November 2014

or perhaps saw all light, all glory in all, all the time loved the poem my dear

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Saheb Mohapatra 02 November 2014

a insightful poem.........great one......greatly enjoyed it.......10/10

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Neela Nath Das 25 October 2014

So sad. I also feel for them who doesn't have eyesight.Great thought.

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Dave Walker 25 October 2014

A sad poem, beautifuly written.

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