Childhood Collection 5 Poem by soulful heart

Childhood Collection 5

Rating: 5.0

War war war
Fight will you how far?
The smallest triffle
There emerges the rifle.

Why do you fight?
To show your might?
Where will be might
When no world in sight.

No war shows cleverness
Its all man's foolishness.
Whats wise about destroying?
Leading the whole earth dying?

When no land;
When no hand;
When no man;
When no ham;
When no life-
At the tip of a knife;
Why fight then?
To show your golden hen?
What is gold,
When no food in hold?

Avoid O man the war
Or beyond reach you'll be far.
Promote peace;
Share your bread piece.
Settle your triffles
Destroy your riffles.
Save the earth
Save the hearth
On which you live
Or nowhere you'll be-
Till the Eve.

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: war
Akhtar Jawad 12 October 2014

In modern total wars even the victorious is a loser. In ancient wars common people were least affected but the common people are the Worst sufferers. A great message that deserves nothing less than 10.

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Md Asadullah 28 September 2014

The worst thing about war between nations is that humans are taught to kill one another in cold blood without any personal grudge, this is wonderful poem,10/10 for this :)

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Valsa George 26 September 2014

Very sweet.... This is a beautiful testimony that even as a child, you could think of the horrors of war and the annihilation it brings! Whats wise about destroying? Leading the whole earth dying? Think of the wisdom of a child, making such far sighted observations! Kudos to the child that you were once!

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