: : : : ~~~ Children Of Tomorrow ~~~: : : : Poem by duncan wyllie

: : : : ~~~ Children Of Tomorrow ~~~: : : :

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We, our plans, in yesteryear
Unknowing real decisions,
Consequences –lead-
We who came before you,
Can only offer what is left,
A Hope through shining out our last,
Pray that we in history’s learning, ask, you-
The Children of tomorrow, take heed
There is much loss learned
Through selfish greed
Live and love and act loves will
Such delicate dreams that truth for fills
Unless such acts and truths be known
Then you, ideas, just overgrown
You disagree? So then -
What will there be
If it’s empty words and acts and deeds?
So let the beauty, live ever on
Through Hopes make acts
Then act its song
The dreams of life
A world, that’s better
May live through words so carefully lettered
Speak kindly from a kindly heart
Let acts of love none could depart
Words Of love, instead of war
Then words of war shall be no more
You Are -
The Children of tomorrow
I pray that you may brighter shine
Within that day, I pray divine
You -
The Children of tomorrow
Through visions in Ernest, may pass it on
That those may know an open heart
May also now
Know of its song
You –
The Children of tomorrow
Hold loves seed within your soul
Set it forth,
Let it grow, for
The Children of tomorrow
Live life throughout your family
The whole of lifes humanity, you-
The Children of tomorrow
Not a dream without a cause
Not just ideas, but something more – for
The Children of tomorrow
I pray for love – and –
Love only~~for you

Ernestine Northover 31 August 2009

A wonderful poem so well stated. You have woven this one with great skill, putting the point across with expertise. If only one could believe that something like this could happen. We all learn by our mistakes only by then it is too late, sadly. But I never give up hope. You are still the tops! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Uriah Hamilton 29 August 2009

The power of love to make us the children of hope. Love will bring us to a new child-like dawn. Thanks for the write.

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Andrew Blakemore 28 August 2009

The children are the future and if they don't learn from our mistakes then there is no hope for the world. Wonderful poetry Duncan, you are a star. Best wishes, Andrew

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