Chocolate Chip Day Poem by Jim Yerman

Chocolate Chip Day

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Today we celebrate Ruth Wakefield...and where does her story begin?
In the state of Massachusetts where she bought the Toll House Inn.

One day Ruth was baking cookies...(they usually got rave reviews.)
When she realized she was out of chocolate...(the kind that bakers use.)

She knew without some chocolate, the demand for her cookies decreases
But she found a Nestles semi-sweet chocolate bar and cut it into pieces.

She thought, once the cookies were baked, the chocolate would melt into the dough
Resulting in a batch of chocolate cookies and her customers would never know.

She was not ready for the finished product...(although she was no kitchen rookie)
For on that day Ruth Wakefield...invented the chocolate chip cookie.

These cookies became so popular...Toll House Crunch Cookies were their name
That it brought both Ruth and the Nestle company a bit of fortune and some fame.

Nestle and Ruth came to an agreement...kind of like that of a husband and wife
Nestle printed the recipe on their packages and Ruth got free chocolate for life.

Eventually Nestle started packaging chips because breaking up bars was such a drag
And today you’ll still find Ruth’s original recipe on the back of every bag.

Sure Nestle made some money and their chocolate chips are number 1
But come on...Ruth got free chocolate for life...there’s no comparison!

There are many discoveries that changed the world but only one of these is key
You might think it’s Alexander Graham Bell’s phone or Ben Franklin’s electricity.

You might say it was Philo Farnsworth’s television or Robert Goddard’s rocket ship
But for me...I can’t imagine a world without Ruth Wakefield’s chocolate chips.

Loke Kok Yee 03 April 2016

your couplets are a real treat! thanks

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Walterrean Salley 29 September 2014

... A very tasty write.... Thanks.

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Gajanan Mishra 15 May 2014

good fortune and fame. good writing, thanks. Please read my poems and comment.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 15 May 2014

Good morning Jim. A yummy poem, for hungry poem readers. I enjoyed, Loyd

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