Christmas 2003 Poem by Susan T. Aparejo

Christmas 2003

Rating: 3.9

The memoir of childhood days,
Deeply carved as years part ways,
Penetrating and leaving memory's rays,
Solitude for silver bells rang in the hay,
of the yore, of its juncture and its future.

The limelight of this era never swear,
of yore's bells to stay so near,
the jolly echoing of the distant care,
with all its might the mortal was there,
the unnatural feeling of the season's bear,
injured by many, yet suffered by her.

Gone were the echoes of the past,
Covered by the ecstasy of cash,
Whisper by the pretension of its mask,
Overwhelmed by the presence so vast,
Trumpheting the genuine spirit of Christmas!

Here you are in the vastness of none,
Thinking the melodies to tune in your mind,
What a dim is the little world I had behind,
How the days close moonshined the time,
Water drops as pines tears entertwine.

Farewell Christmas 2003!
You've just an err of the footprint's journey,
Such error is to look and ponder by me,
The basis of tomorrow's treaty,
The foundation of today's tease,
Farewell and Welcome 2004!

(Note: this was written in Tacloban City)

moarge moarge 26 June 2009

Wow. This is something like a nostalgic poem. Perhaps in solitude amidst the supposed to be feeling of ardor in the Christmas season, you were pondering on some nostalgic memories or just the resounding emotions you were into that time. Great way of expressing melancholy and memories through Poetry. By the way, when I encountered your name, i know rightout that you are a Filipino. Pleased to meet you Ma'am.

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Susan T. Aparejo

Susan T. Aparejo

Gingoog City, Philippines
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