Chronic Observatioin Disorder Poem by Amberlee Carter

Chronic Observatioin Disorder

Rating: 4.2

The quiet wait, contemplate,
the scene- everything it contains,
The mundane, the magic,
the vibrant, the apathetic-

I flip through chronicles
passed years and minds,
searching for the sparkle and shine-
The intimate relationship
between passion and poet- The moment

when I play artistic roulette
with deathXthree,
time, fate and reality-

An empty click,
a noiseless clatter,
epiphany of a savior-
willing and able
to be a savior of no one

Divinity walks on water,
crushes stones beneath His testimony-

I quiver
beneath the weight of my heart,
beneath the burden of my shoulders-

To walk on the universal tongue
leave my footprints- Linguistic beauty,

so you'll know where I have gone
though where I go you'll never know-

I stare from my broken window into
a vision of tomorrows
and yesterdays, into
an absolution I cannot escape-

It is neither desperation or rage,
neither passion or lust that
ages my touch-
but something more incommunicable,
something so vague as love.

These streets,
these endless journeys are
familiar like wrinkled pages from
an older, wiser journal,
a progression from another life, I lived
in another space/time realm of motion-

I am aware of
the tread left in the snow
by a Christ as he goes-
It means goodbye in the hardest sense:
there will be an ember
burning in the home he's chosen to abandon
this morning,

the sunset is with me,
enraging the edges of my shadow-
The sky is falling faint today,
and I wonder what
the saddened light suddenly remembers
from its past, overlooking wars and crucifixions,

to some unimaginable future it fears.

Gregory Gunn 20 January 2006

Dear Amberlee, Engaged mine eyes thrice to achieve the full impact of this metaphorically chromatic resplendence. I am indubitably adding this masterpiece to my favourite poems list. More of these please. Gregory

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Uriah Hamilton 11 August 2005

I'm certain you do quiver beneath the weight of your heart, but you have a poet's heart, thanks for sharing it.

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 16 February 2005

Beautiful Verses.Well Done.

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dissatified exmember 10 January 2005

Hey Girl! I love where you are coming from. This was one of the best pieces of verse I have read here. Congratulations!

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