Civilised Man Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Civilised Man

She used to blame herself.
Perhaps it was her fault anyway.
She swims in the lies his lips tell
Forced by obligations, to hide her pain.

She spends her nights missing him
Knowing he is far from lonely.
Wrapped in these bitter emotions
That are snuffing out her dignity.

Before now, she never would have strayed.
She was once loyal and happy to serve
But now he refused to love, honor and obey
and she finally struck up the nerve.

She smiled back at the lonely stranger
She recognized her own grief in his eyes.
He came in on them but she felt no danger
She scoffed “Are you really surprised? ”

“Countless nights you left me here
While you received yours from her
I gave you the best of my years
Yet you never cared if I got hurt.”

“I’ve known about you and her for months
I had blamed myself until I knew for sure
You made your feelings for me quite blunt
So I found him for me and you may have her.”

His heart shattered into pieces inside him
As he realized that this woman was everything.
He panicked at a future that looked lonesome and grim
He fell to his knees and swore “Never again! ”

But she turned eyes on him with no pity
And through them he could plainly see
The pain he had caused by his selfish greed.
Turned her compassion unforgiving.

He blinked as she locked him out of a home
He had spent so much time sneaking away from
And through their open window, he heard her moan
“How far the civilized man has come.”


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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